Unkind Space is about a robot named Robey who is lost in a world he does not know. He was created by his master, with the purpose to scout the universe. The problem is that Robey does not know this. He was thrown into a ship and only given a preset destination. You as the player will control him, and explore planets that contain hostile creatures.

How to play on computer: this is meant for mobile devices, so touching is replaced by clicking with the mouse.

To move: Click and hold, example click and hold the left half of the screen to move to the left vice versa.

To jump: Use the spacebar

To shoot: Hover the mouse and double click, bullet direction is determined from the location of the double click.

This is a demo version, when the game is ready to be released it will be available in the Google Play store.


UK_PC1.1.zip 5 MB